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August:  Staying connected to the TERC.



September: Welcome back to school.  New dies to help you during those first days.


Welcoming staff back to school and work!

October TERC Pumpkin Patch!
Who will become the Great Pumpkin this year?  

Click here to vote for your favorite pumpkin!  
Or visit the form below.

November:  Turkey Dressings!
My name is Tom Turkey and I'm afraid as I can be.
I'm wearing my disguise so that you won't catch me! 

Can you hear Tom Turkey calling?

Don't forget to vote.  Great books to inspire citizenship.


December:   There's 'Snow' place like TERC! 
The staff get creative making snow globes using the jar jumbo die.

Season's Readings!

January:    Wishing you a warm and cozy winter!
The mugs were created in Word. The mugs are transparent so that the staff names and the background will show through.  Once printed the mugs were trimmed with instant cocoa mix and dots of white paint for marshmallows.  You could make the mugs hot and steaming by adding wisps of batting.  

February:     The Heart of the TERC!
Staff challenge for this board was to recycle. We made our hearts from wallpaper samples. Can you match the heart to the staff? Scan the code to see if you are correct.

2014: February's board is The Heart of the TERC. Staff used the jumbo heart die to cut out their shape. Each person decorated a heart in their own unique style.

March: We're Hoppilly waiting for Spring!

 March Weather in Ohio!

Thank you for your support!


April: We all know that April showers bring May flowers, but they also make MUD!

Thank you to the Toddlers at Children's Learning Center for sharing some in some 'mud' fun.

 The TERC staff are thinking about Spring.

May:  In honor of our fallen heroes.


 June:   My flag!



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